"Doing my best to help professionals to find great opportunity abroad, as well as companies to hire the best talents, focusing on make a huge difference in achieving goals."

Hello, my name is Valéria Barros

I'm a HR Professional who believes that organizations know that they must have the best talent in order to succeed in the hyper-competitive global market. Along with the understanding of the need to hire, develop, and retain talented people, organizations are aware that they must manage talent as a critical resource to achieve the best possible results.


• About me

I am a Brazilian who with great strength of will and dedication, I have achieved two immigration processes (Canada and Austria - EU), passports for a new life, adding knowledge and international experience to my background, qualifying me to help professionals who seek to follow their career abroad.

During my professional career I learned a lot from great talent managers, but I realized that I needed to go further and overcome my fears, because I still did not feel "fulfilled".

From that moment I had made the decision to follow my dream of "living and working in other countries", following a new path in my life and gaining experience in knowing the world and new cultures.

Over the years I had invested in language studies, which have opened many doors for a new world. I lived in 4 different countries (Canada, Austria, Portugal and Brazil), these investments, besides a life experience, it allowed me to build a successful International Career.

• My career

My background includes over 12 years of work experience in HR and Talent Management. Currently I'm working to help professionals to find a good job opportunity in Europe and Brazil, as well as assisting companies to find potential candidates for the best positions.

Generalist in Human Resources and International Talent Management, I enjoy working with People Management. During my career, I have acquired experience in large companies in Brazil and abroad, always working in this field which I am passionate, helping and guiding professionals to find their path in the job market. Today my goal is to work to make the dream of professionals, who like me, are seeking for new opportunities outside of their country of origin.

Currently living in Austria, I have created HR Clock-in to offer you a Specialized Consulting, which includes all the steps and processes so that you can start your Career abroad. My work is personalized, always seeking to be close to my clients, meeting the specific needs of each one. I offer a different contact and I am always available for questions and requests


• International Career in Europe

As an International Career Consultant, my main goal is to guide and advise professionals about how to start a career in Europe, assisting them in all steps to obtain professional success in the European market. Also playing a key role as Headhunter providing Recruitment and Selection services of multilingual talents.

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I provide different forms of tips and guidance for professionals who are seeking for an International Career, as writing a Blog Career and a digital magazine.



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Provide solutions to achieve efficient success in starting an international career, building trust and credibility relationship with our customers.

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