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When you think about changing the direction of your career a great choice would be to consider an International Career. Many professionals are currently looking to HR Clock-in to start their International Career Planning and seeking job opportunities in the Europe market, concentrating in better quality of life, more attractive salaries, language development and international experience.




Writing a perfect professional profile focusing on the European market (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn)


International Recruitment for bilingual and multilingual professionals for companies / positions in Europe or Brazil

International Career Consulting and professional profile assessment focusing on the European market


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Jordi, Spain

"Valeria is an extraordinary HR professional, with an unic instint to identify high potential individuals and the perfect fit for different job positions. She helped me build out from a white paper a new company hiring key individuals who today are its manager body"

Priscila, Vienna

"She helped me a lot when I've decided seeking for a job in Vienna. Evaluation my resume and cover letter, she also supported me as a foreign worker, translating the CV to german, giving me great tips and always sending me emails with positions according to my profile that I could apply by myself. I have a job now, and for sure, her helping made all the difference."

Jorge, Portugal

"Valeria was instrumental on the set-up of a new company in Brazil, where the HR area was the most crucial success factor. Relying on her experience and expertise was paramount to us."